Cheers to the English weather!

Today is a beautiful sunny day in the UK. A rare sight—sadly. I have to say that the thing that I always thought people were exaggerating was the UK weather. “It couldn’t be THAT bad”, I thought, “maybe it’s because they had never experienced such sweaty and humid weather that South East Asia has to offer.”

It was when I had to do some shopping at a local grocery store in Exeter that I finally realised that those comments were nothing near overly exaggerated statements. While the old lady was checking out all the things we brought, the trees were bending in the same direction and the sky was dark blue.

Oh my God!” I thought, feeling relief that I was not outside at the moment. My brother – having his back at the windows – was not aware of the horror that was going on, so I tapped on his shoulder just to show him. He looked outside for a second, then turned and gave me the oh-that’s-normal-here look. I tried to ignore a big part of me that just wish I could shift somewhere better, so I turned my focus on paying the bill instead.

Less than a minute later, I gathered all the shopping bags – along with my courage – and ready to be out the door. On that very second, I looked up…. then I was shocked..

…What the hell?! 


It was sunny outside.. Clear blue sky with absolutely no sign of the dark clouds that have just passed just a minute ago.

Wow, I thought.. Just wow indeed.

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